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Free PCB viewer

Here you can download The ABACOM file viewers for their Sprint layout PCB layout program as well as the Splan schematic editor.

I use both Sprint-layout and splan to do my pcb's so when i post projects on this website they will be in the abacom format, you can use the free viewers to view as well as print the PCB and schematics.

Click on the ABACOM link below and just go to the bottom of the page, you will see           
Free Viewer-Software 

The Splan viewer is if you want to view and print schematics and
the Sprint-Layout viewer is for viewing and printing PCB layouts   

http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/updates.html                       link opens a new window        

ABACOM also have free demo versions of all their programs that you can download and tryout.