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TSOP34138 Infra red receiver chip

The TSOP34138 Infra red receiver chip is available for sale in the online shop
on this page you will find the pinout of this infra red chip as well as general info

38KHz infra red chip
Operates from 2.4 Volts to 5.5 Volts
Can be used in circuits that show the TSOP4838,

The TSOP4838 Infra red chip operates from 4.5 Volts to 5.5 Volts and thus is not good with circuits that operate from batteries as the voltage could fall below 4.5 Volts, the TSOP34138 can work down to 2.4 Volts so is a much better receiver to use in your circuits.


 TSOP34138 Pinout

Typical circuit for the TSOP34138
Pin 1 goes to the input pin of the microcontroller